2017-01-22 by Secure Exchanges

Do you know how confidential information is contained in your e-mail box?

Think about a few seconds: Have you ever exchanged passwords between colleagues to access different systems in your organization? lire la suite

2017-01-03 by Secure Exchanges

Send private email info - Clinton case

Do you use a personal server to send confidential information? See why you are at risk and discover the safe solution. lire la suite

2016-12-20 by Secure Exchanges

4 proofs that you are a perfect target for hackers

You think you're invincible online. Computer piracy happens only to others. You exchange your information, your passwords and you leave your information sleeping in your e-mail accounts. Congratulations, you are officially void to protect your privacy. So here are 4 signs that you are a perfect target for hackers. lire la suite