Do you know how sensitively your e-mail box contains confidential information that can put your company and customers at risk?

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What's in your mailbox?

How many times have you exchanged sensitive information with colleagues, partners, or even customers? What do we mean by sensitive data? When we talk about sensitive data, we are talking about information that could put your business, your career or even your personal life at risk if it falls into the wrong hands.

Information as passwords, Statements of account, invoices, payroll, terminations, confidential agreement documents ( NDA), partnership agreements, secret projects, credit card numbers, etc.


Think a few seconds: Have you ever exchanged passwords between colleagues to access different systems in your organization? Worse still, receiving a password from a client to access his system? We are not always aware that this kind of action can jeopardize the system in question.

The exchange of confidential information by email puts your organization at high risk. Whether you exchange information to access a Web site's administration environment or access a recruitment site for your business, an internal system, an intranet, or even worse, the bank account of your This information should be transmitted via a secure channel. It should also be destroyed mailboxes after being exchanged, because even there, it is in danger.

When you forget your password, most current systems send an email with a link to reset your word If you forgot it. But if someone else came to click on this link before you, what would happen to your account? Other systems even return your password to you by email. Secure, you think?

What these exchanges are internal or external, they put you at risk. There is no need to minimize the impact of its trade.

Documents under confidentiality agreement

Imagine that you are negotiating with a future customer or partner. It requires you to sign documents that bind you to a non-disclosure agreement. In order to do business with this company, you are quick to review and sign this agreement. You then exchanged emails with that company. Do you respect your agreement?

All information and documents subsequently exchanged by email will be at high risk, while you have signed a confidentiality agreement. It is normal to communicate by email, as this is our main means of communication in 2017. But how do you protect your communications? When you exchange e-mails, you lose control of it as soon as they leave your organization because they are transacting on the Internet.

Industrial espionage is real

Imagine that your competitors are using your e-mail exchanges to spy on you. You work with a team, partner or client on a "top secret" project that can propel your business to the top. You realize a few months before the launch that a competitor is exactly on the same track as you ... what actually happened?

Your e-mail exchanges were spied on? If your e-mails can be read by anti-spam servers to filter them, what happens to them if malicious competitors review them? Most of them travel in clear text on the Internet.

Do you feel you are in control of an email?

When an email leaves your mailbox, you lose control. So do you believe that if this one travels in plain text on the Internet, it is confidential? Open a letter that has been posted is illegal, what about your email? Moreover you are not even able to determine whether it was opened ...

It's even worse if you deal With a Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo email. They continually read your emails because they are able to send you targeted advertising based on their content. Can we trust them?

Even if you use email software that encrypts the email, once it is sent to your destination, it is decrypted in your mailbox. If someone is physically in front of your computer or is able to get your password, they will be able to read the entire contents, encrypted or not.

All this can be avoided? Of course, Secure Exchanges ensures you this peace of mind.

Your emails are more accessible than you think

Your mailbox is accessible on the web and on your phone, from anywhere in the world? Then it's clear that it can be hacked.

Also, never forget that when you send an email, it leaves traces, whether in sent items, received items or recycle bin. Even after being deleted, on some servers, your emails can be recovered.

Are you leaving your job? Your successor can access all your emails.

What happens if you leave your job? All your e-mail exchanges with senior executives and your unions regarding salary negotiations or other confidential information become accessible to your successor.

Most companies transfer the mailbox from an individual to his successor. Should all the content be? What about the network administrator who manages the fleet? Does he have the right to access this information?

How to solve all these problems?

Secure Exchanges has set itself the mission of being the safest carrier in the market for your confidential information, with or without documents. We encrypt, transmit and destroy all the information that passes through our system.

Only secure your information (Hotmail, Gmail, Office 365, AOL, Yahoo, private server, etc.). Even if the recipient does not use Secure Exchanges, it is secure too.

Avoid losing control over your confidential email exchanges.

With Secure Exchanges you control the information in the recipient's box and other contacts. We are the only ones in the industry.

You pay only for the messages you transmit! Buy for $ 30 Secure Exchanges messages, and you'll get 5 years of secure exchanges of up to 2 messages per week.

You have a business and you are using a specific email system? Keep it, Secure Exchanges does not require any changes: use it with your current email box.

Confidential information should never stay in your mailbox. Sending and receiving confidential emails should always be destroyed. This is the mission of Secure Exchanges.

Want to be hacked, scammed or even stolen before acting? Do not wait until it's too late. Take your insurance SE.

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