Secure Exchanges in action

Watch our videos to understand how Secure Exchanges works in different environments. You will be able to see how to use Secure Exchanges in Microsoft Outlook, but also how to use it online. Also learn how to manage your organization's licenses.

Use Secure Exchanges with Microsoft Outlook (2010, 2013, 2016, O365)

Install Secure Exchanges in Microsoft Outlook in less than 2 minutes, quickly and easily.

To add the Secure Exchanges Connector to Microsoft Outlook It's very easy! You need to install a small plugin that will be automatically updated afterwards. You will have the option to get your license from the Outlook connector, and it will initialize itself. Save time and money by being autonomous to install a solution to protect your organization's email exchanges.

How to get signed PDFs from Microsoft Outlook

When you have the advanced or pro version of Secure Exchanges, you will be able to send PDF documents for signature. Once the Secure Exchanges connector installed, you can also install an additional tool developed by our team to be able to define the area of signatures in your documents to be signed from Microsoft Outlook. If this tool is not installed, you will be able to have PDF documents signed, but the signatory will be able to sign where he wants. You need to download and install the application Secure Exchanges Outlook Aera Signature Form (SEOAF)

Send and receive confidential emails and documents with Secure Exchanges

Once you have installed the Secure Exchanges connector you will be able to securely email confidential documents, credit card numbers, passwords and any information you deem confidential without worrying about it being intercepted. You will also be able to ask a recipient to send you confidential information, using a secure return envelope.

Gmail extension

How to install Secure Exchanges extension for Gmail

This video explains how to install and activate the Google Chrome extension for Gmail from Secure Exchanges. This extension is available for all Chrome-based browsers such as. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave, Chronium
This extension will allow you to send encrypted emails from Gmail. The content of the email and your attachments will be protected from prying eyes, even Google (Gmail) won't be able to read them.

Digitally sign documents in Gmail

Do you have PDF documents for your clients to sign? Do you use Gmail? Why leave Gmail, or send them from another platform. Do it securely from your Gmail inbox with Secure Exchanges integration.

Online portal

Login to the Secure Exchanges portal

To log in to your Secure Exchanges account you do not need a username and password. We have adopted a dual authentication approach with your email. Find out how to log in to the portal.

How to get PDFs signed from the online portal

If you don't have access to Micosfot Outlook and you want to send confidential documents to be signed, you can use our portal. This one is accountant on mobile and on all recent browsers.

Send confidential information from the portal

If you don't have access to Micosfot Outlook and want to send confidential documents or passwords by email, you can use our portal. This one is accountant on mobile and on all recent browsers.

Administration portal

Added one or more users

When you are the administrator of your corporate account, you can add new users or import them using a CSV file. See how to manage them.

Company’s interface management and customization on Secure Exchanges

Secure Exchanges offers you the advantage of highlighting your brand by customizing your emails according to your graphic charter

Domain Management through your administrator portal

Before adding new users to you Secure Exchanges account, you should, first, create the corresponding domains