Secure exchanges
of sensitive HR data
and confidential documents

NAS, contracts, insurances, medical documents, wage data, CV, background checks... As a human resource professional, you regularly share sensitive data. Easily secure your email communications in just a few minutes.

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Human resources manager of a SME, certified human resources advisor or HR manager of a large enterprise: regardless of the number of employees in your organization, when it comes to sharing sensitive data, confidentiality and compliance with applicable laws are at the heart of your priorities.
Encrypted envelope
Install within minutes from your Outlook or Gmail.
Only your recipient can open the secure envelope containing the personal documents sent through a unique military grade decryption key.
The most affordable confidential document protection solution on the market

Secure Exchanges : A complete solution for all of your HR needs

Facilitate the sending and retrieval of sensitive data
Allows you to receive and send confidential documents without your recipient having to download a software.
Zipped File
Share large files
Allows you to email files up to 25GB and reduce the volume of your mailbox as no data are being duplicated.
Obtain a digital signature
Allows you to have all your documents (contracts, application forms, etc.) signed electronically without using any other software.
Ensure full traceability
Allows the sender to follow each step: sending, receiving, opening, downloading, etc. This ensures the communication runs smoothly.
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