Why us?

Compared to most competing solutions, it does not require any installation or account creation on the recipient's side while allowing secure two-way communication, very easy to use for an occasional external contact.

The simplicity of Secure Exchange also improves adoption, as compared to most other solutions that require a significant active approach (account creation, multiple transactions to send a single message, etc.) and often end up being ignored for simple convenience.


Secure Exchanges addresses Data Loss Prevention (DLP), a particular issue of cybersecurity, which is regularly overlooked, but is also regularly put on the agenda by its exposure by the media during security breaches in companies or institutions.


Secure Exchange is an easy-to-use, encryption-based digital message protection technology that integrates naturally into existing infrastructures and tools, such as the Outlook, Gmail, Office 365 or KeePass email client. Applications for mobile platforms provide access to the service at all times with the most optimal user experience possible.

Secure Exchanges can be quickly and easily integrated with any technology that supports.net or JavaScript. Secure Exchanges gives to its customers a SDK (Software development Kit) that can be integrated in a few lines of code only.

The Secure Exchange solution allows users to maintain their usual environment, productivity and, if necessary, use the secure sending option, with great simplicity while guaranteeing excellent intrinsic safety.