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By integrating Secure Exchanges with Office 365, Outlook, KeePass and your other favorite tools, you show your customers that you have their privacy and security at heart.

Why secure your information system with us?

At the beginning, we were looking for a way to send confidential messages. Nothing was found to ensure the security of the information even once on the receiving system of the recipient. So we created Secure Exchanges.


No other system is as efficient as Secure Exchanges on the market. Secure Exchanges ensures you safe trading from start to finish. Ensure that confidential content is destroyed in your recipient once it has been read. Trust Secure Exchanges for your critical exchanges.

All your shipments are protected.

Your e-mails, documents and even your text messages remain confidential, even when they have left your box.

Unique technology

You leave no trace.

A message sent in error to a customer? Destroy it before it reads it. The message also self-destroy when is read.

How it's work

SE integrated with your tools.

The plugin is added to more than 200 platforms and you can connect your systems with our SDK or the API .

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Easy to install, easy to use.

Protect your communications with your customers is simple with us. No change, no accommodation required.

But ... ?

We have business options.

Secure Exchanges can have your corporate colors and secure your forms online.

Our packages

No promise in the air.

Others claim to protect you. We really do. Compare Secure Exchanges to the other tools you'll see.


security audits


sent messages

100 %%

of available time

How does sending private messages work with SE?

Our unique technology allows you to transmit sensitive information by e-mail or text, leaving no trace on your side or that of your recipient.

1  Choice of delivery method

You choose your sending mode, the plugins or our website to send. Then the text or email reception mode and if you want your recipient need to enter a random 6-digit password to read.

2 Write your message

Prepare to send your information, message and documents to your recipient.

3 Send your message

À l'envoi de votre message encrypté, toute trace d'information est détruite (message et connexion).

4 Transmit information

The recipient receives a message from Secure Exchanges by text message or email. He need to enter a random 6-digit password if you chose this option.

5  Let the message self-destruct

Once your recipient has read your message, it is automatically and permanently destroyed, and this, everywhere!

What convinced us to create the tool

Our packages for businesses


For any staff member or executive who wishes to provide information to third parties responsibly from time to time. Integration of Secure Exchanges with tools and online.

0.02 $ CA of message
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For anyone in business who uses tools like Outlook, CRM or Gmail regularly to send sensitive information to customers, colleagues and partners. Integration of Secure Exchanges with tools and online.

0.04 $ CA of message
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For people in real estate, IT and finance who wish to double the security of their sending and receiving sensitive information with a password and a read notice. Integration of Secure Exchanges with tools and online.

0.06 $ CA of message
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For anyone in a large company who sends and receives daily information and confidential files. Password, white label, secure form and company key with 50,000 messages and more.

Price on request
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