Promote your own brand in your secure communications!

Securing online communications is our specialty, which is why we have developed Secure Exchanges, an ultra-secure email and SMS platform that can be easily integrated into most of the work tools you use on a daily basis. Its technology allows you to quickly and easily integrate it into Office 365, Outlook, Gmail, CRM, KeePass and many others, without changing your internal or external communication habits.

Company, institution or organization, everyone has their own processes and ways of working. Secure Exchanges respects them so that you and your employees can continue to operate as if nothing had happened. Our solution simply adds an extra layer of security to your existing mailbox by focusing on the working habits of both the user and the recipient.

In addition to being modular, Secure Exchanges allows you to configure your white label. In other words, it is a customizable tool: you can dress it up to reflect your company's identity in order to offer your customers, partners and employees an integrated user experience: everyone will feel like they are using a security system developed for you. This option offers real added value for your company and is one of the many competitive advantages of Secure Exchanges.

Highlight your professionalism with Secure Exchanges!

By displaying your brand in Secure Exchanges, it becomes a tool that is almost invisible to your employees and correspondents alike. Your customers, employees, partners and other collaborators associate the Secure Exchanges features with your company.

This shows them that you really care about the confidentiality of the sensitive information exchanged. And consequently provides a guarantee of the professionalism of your company, thereby increasing the confidence that your customers and employees have in you in terms of safety.

Gain the trust of your customers and employees by displaying your colors when transmitting secure data!

Using the white label allows you to send sensitive information to your contacts and retrieve confidential data from them in a totally secure way, so that they can see that the security of your electronic communications is an integral part of your company's values. Of the numerous advantages offered by Secure Exchanges, you will have, among other things, the possibility of:

Example of a white labeled email

Send emails that reflect your company or institution's identity, so that recipients feel like they are doing business directly with you when you send secure electronic communications. Your commitment to protecting your respective confidential information should undoubtedly convince them of the attention you pay to it.

In addition to highlighting YOUR logo, you can not only specify the welcome text but also modify some aspects of the interface to reflect your colors!

Personalize both text and visual content so that your employees and other internal collaborators remain immersed in your corporate environment throughout the confidential online communications process.

  • Create a secure subdomain in your company's name:

Choosing the white label means showing your difference, showing the importance of protecting confidential information for your company/institution. We are convinced that you will find among our packages incorporating this competitive advantage, the one that will suit you best.