Delete a message sent before or after reading


Whether after proofreading and noting an error or because sending a message to the wrong recipient, who has never regretted sending an email just a few seconds after doing so? This is a frequent occurrence and can happen to anyone. With Secure Exchanges you can ensure that your recipient never read a message, even if they already have received it. This is not magic but high security.

Did you know that with Secure Exchanges your messages and all their content can be systematically destroyed forever so that even the most competent hacker would be unable to get hold of them? No more copies of confidential documents related to the email exchange protocol!

Your email: immediately read, immediately destroyed!

When you send an email you think you are completely secure on the server of your mailbox (Outlook, Gmail...)? You also think that your and your contacts mailboxes are private and that no one can have access to all your email exchanges? Bad news for the most optimistic among you: your stored data, even if deleted, can remain visible and accessible. Let's hope they don't contain any sensitive information that could fall into malicious hands!

To face this reality, Secure Exchanges has several strings to its bow. One of its main advantages is that it systematically deletes your messages after reading them. In other words, once your recipient has read your email, its content (including attachments) can be automatically and permanently destroyed anywhere and without your intervention. No archiving or recording is then possible.

As soon as you read it, as soon as it is destroyed! Your message will no longer exist anywhere on the web after only one reading. As simple as it may seem, this technology is revolutionary! And believe us, if a hacker tried to find your information, he wouldn't succeed, or maybe only after several billion years. This message would really need to be of paramount importance for a person to persevere to this point!

Keep flexible control over the visibility of your messages!

While this technology is highly reliable and secure, it also offers great flexibility. Secure Exchanges guarantees you complete control by allowing you to manage:

  • the maximum number of openings of the email sent
  • the time elapsed before the message and its attached files self-destruct
In other words, if you cannot control the security of your recipient's mailbox, you can still exercise control over the lifetime of your message. And, once your recipient has retrieved the content of your email, they can store the confidential documents it contains in a safe place.

How do I delete an email message sent in a hurry?

Do you frequently share sensitive information with your employees or clients? So you know that a moment of inattention can happens, like this time you sent a client the evening’s program intended for your wife/husband!

To err is human! While the vast majority of email boxes do not offer the ability to recall an email, Secure Exchanges allows you to intercept it before your recipient has even checked it. This will prevent potential crises.

Whether you have mistakenly sent a confidential text message or email to a customer, employee or partner, you can destroy it before it is read. You control your sending even if it is already in the recipient's inbox.

Is this option not yet safe enough for you? Then choose to ensure the security of your message with a password or SMS code. This will further enhance its confidentiality and your peace of mind.