Free trial of Secure Exchanges to secure your emails

Secure Exchanges offers many advantages that represent real added value to your company. Some of them, invisibles, are related to the constantly upgrading technologies we use to secure emails. You will be able to experience most of the others by yourself*. Enjoy the free trial we offer you!

Warning: trying it is adopting it! That's why we are offering you a free trial of this tool designed to honour our vision: to contribute to privacy by educating as many companies as possible about the importance of securing confidential information exchanged by email. Our team intends to help as many of them as possible to protect themselves from attempts to intercept your communications.


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Enjoy 30 days of fast and secure email and/or text messaging!

Trying the secure solution we offer you does not imply any commitment on your part and will allow you to evaluate for yourself the benefits you can obtain from our solution and the different needs that Secure Exchanges will fulfill.

During this free trial month, whether from the online platform or your mailbox, you will have access to the features listed here. For more options, we invite you to consult our offers.

Whether it is to access the protected content you send them or, even better, to respond to you in a secure manner, your recipient will have nothing to install or create. He will also be able to receive large files, regardless of the limitations of his mail server.

In addition, configuring Secure Exchanges will only take you a few minutes because our solution will easily integrate with your current email client (Microsoft Outlook, Gmail). Once the plug-in is downloaded and your license activated, Secure Exchange will blend into your daily life: its ergonomics designed for intuitive use will make it very quickly natural.

Test Secure Exchanges now in 2 easy steps!

For a more complete user experience and if you use Microsoft Outlook or Gmail email clients, we recommend that you first download and install the appropriate plug-in that will allow you, once the steps are completed, to automatically add the Secure Exchanges toolbar to your favorite email interface:

For other email clients (or for easier use from your cell phone), we suggest you test our online platform.



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For more information on installation, we invite you to consult the technical specifications of Secure Exchanges or our help document.

We can never say it enough, the protection of your private communications is a priority matter. With just a few clicks, you can try one of the most advanced email security systems in the world!

So allow yourself, without further delay, these few minutes of your time to connect to Secure Exchanges and enjoy these 30 days of free use!


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*The features related to white labeling and business are not included in the trial version.