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All our plugins require a valid package to be used. Get a free platinum serial number valid for 10 messages in order to try our plugins.

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*Plugin for Microsoft Outlook (2010/2013/2016)

With the plugin, it's easy to send your messages by Secure Exchanges. Once activated, a simple question appears when sending your message: "Do you want to send your e-mail with Secure Exchanges? ". If you say yes, Secure Exchanges will take care of the shipment. It encrypts, hides and secures the shipment on your behalf. Once the email is received, your recipient is prompted to click the Secure Exchanges link to view your message. Once consulted, it is destroyed along with all its attached documents.

*Available in Windows only

*Google Chrome extension for Gmail

You no longer use a client like Microsoft Outlook to send and receive your e-mails? Have you switched to Gmail? You do not want to be spied by Google for confidential emails sent and received.

You want to secure your communications with your customers and partners. No problem, integrate Secure Exchanges with your Gmail via Google extension chrome.

Discover how to install and use Secure Exchanges in Gmail

*Works on MacOs, Windows and Linux


KeePass is a free open source password manager that helps you manage your passwords securely. With theplugin Secure Exchanges, you can email a password to a customer, partner or colleague without worrying that it will be intercepted.

Learn how to install Secure Exchanges in KeePass

Download KeePass

Secure Exchanges .net SDK

Integrate secure exchanges into your software to protect the transmission of confidential documents or emails. You can also quickly retrieve confidential documents by email from your customer, partner or other external contact, and save them in your secure software.

Read the SDK documentation at SDK help