Electronic signature
and secure document sharing
for accountants

Tax returns, financial statements, securities transaction, etc. Get sensitive data from your customers and secure digital signatures with Secure Exchanges, a simple solution designed to protect your organization, customers, and employees.

For less than

A proven secure file sharing solution

Whether you are self-employed or a partner in a large accounting firm, secure your communications in minutes. Each email or SMS transfer is protected by a secure envelope that only your recipient can open with a unique military-grade encryption key.
Encrypted envelope
Install within minutes from your Outlook or Gmail.
The most affordable confidential document protection solution on the market.
Certified solution that meets the legal requirements of the accounting profession with regards to liability.

Secure Exchanges is designed to meet the various needs of the accounting profession

Obtain a digital signature
Easily integrates with your accounting system such as CCH iFirm to request an individual or automated electronic signature. It is also possible to create a template to save time.
Zipped File
Share large file
Allows you to email files up to 25GB and reduce the volume of your mailbox as no data are being duplicated.
Recover customer files
Allows two-way confidential document exchanges and works without the recipient having to install a software.
Ensure full traceability
Allows the sender to follow each step: sending, receiving, opening, downloading, etc. to ensure the communication runs smoothly.
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