What is the purpose of SESAR?

Daigram explaining how SESAR works

The acronym SESAR stands for "Secure Exchanges Send and Receive," an innovative solution developed by the Secure Exchanges team. This solution comes in the form of a Windows service, easily integrated into existing IT infrastructures, whether they are local (on-premise) or hosted in the cloud.

Main Features of SESAR

Flexible and Secure Installation

SESAR can be installed on a server that you already own, or on a cloud machine, the important thing is that this machine is under your full control. Emphasis is placed on the security and isolation of this server to keep it safe from any unauthorized access, as it will contain all your exchanges made via Secure Exchanges, including messages and their attachments.

Data Synchronization and Security

The primary role of SESAR is to synchronize and secure all exchanges on this server, whether they are documents signed or received by users of your organization. Imagine a vault locked with a double turn, where every confidential piece of information you send or receive by email is stored securely.

Advanced Integration and Interactivity with SESAR via Webhook

SESAR provides significant added value in terms of system integration through the use of webhooks. These webhooks are essential for creating dynamic connections between SESAR and various document management platforms and CRM systems like SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive, and others. Each time an exchange is made, the webhook can trigger a series of customized actions, such as the automatic classification of documents, archiving in specific folders, or even initiating complex workflows in the CRM. This means that business process automation is not just a series of predefined actions but can be tailored and refined to meet the specific and evolving needs of the organization. Documents and information are thus managed with increased precision and efficiency, ensuring that the correct data reaches the right destinations according to established business rules.

User and License Management

With synchronization with Azure AD, SESAR simplifies the distribution and management of Secure Exchanges licenses, enabling efficient user management.

Content Retrieval and Management

SESAR also allows for the retrieval of confidential content sent previously, with a recovery capability extended beyond the 30-day message expiration period. This includes the ability to resend documents for signature or change the order of signatories, without compromising the security of the content.

How SESAR can transform your industry.

Explore how SESAR is transforming secure exchange management across various industries. We showcase specific use cases for accounting, legal, medical, insurance, and human resources, demonstrating SESAR's effectiveness and adaptability in streamlining business processes.


SESAR is much more than just a copy service for your exchanges. It is a crucial element for the security, management, and automation of exchanges within your organization. Its simple integration and its ability to enhance productivity while reducing document handling make it an indispensable tool. SESAR unlocks the potential of your employees, allowing them to devote themselves to more strategic and essential tasks, thus ensuring better resource management and optimization of business processes.

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