Case Study: Legalis & Partners – Secure Information Management with SESAR

Applying technology to the legal sector

** Legalis & Partners is an international law firm that manages a large amount of confidential documents and communications with its clients. The firm is renowned for its effective and secure information management and continually seeks to optimize its processes.

**This fictional scenario is designed to illustrate the use of SESAR in a corporate context.

Integration of Secure Exchanges and SESAR

The firm uses Microsoft Outlook for its daily communications. To enhance security and efficiency, they have integrated Secure Exchanges, allowing them to send encrypted emails for any sensitive information exchange.

SESAR is installed on the organization's server, ensuring that all exchanges conducted through Secure Exchanges are synchronized and archived automatically. This provides peace of mind for lawyers and clients, knowing that communications are not only secure but also properly stored and accessible if needed.

Daily Use and Automation

Confidential document exchange: When lawyers send documents such as non-disclosure agreements, contracts, or litigation files, they use Secure Exchanges directly from Outlook. Each document sent is automatically encrypted and a copy is stored on the SESAR server.

Document retrieval: Lawyers often ask their clients to provide confidential documents, such as evidence for ongoing cases. Using Secure Exchanges, they send a secure email request, which the client can respond to without needing a license. Once the document is received, it is synchronized on SESAR.

Automation via WebHook: Whenever a document is received or sent, SESAR can trigger a custom WebHook. For example, when evidence is received for a specific case, the WebHook can automatically archive these documents in the SharePoint folder of the concerned case, or update the client file in the CRM.

Benefits and Automated Business Rules

Document classification: WebHooks are configured to classify documents received into specific folders according to the type of document or the case in question, such as intellectual property files, witness statements, or pieces of evidence.

Exchange tracking: When documents need to be revisited or sent back for clarification, SESAR enables the quick retrieval of these documents, even after the standard 30-day expiration.

Review process: When a document is modified and sent back for approval, WebHooks can notify the concerned team and update the status in the CRM, ensuring that lawyers and legal assistants are informed of the latest developments.

Compliance and audits: SESAR helps the firm comply with strict compliance standards in data management and auditing, by maintaining complete and secure records of all exchanges.

Increased productivity: By reducing the time spent organizing and searching for documents, SESAR allows lawyers to focus on higher-value tasks, such as legal strategy and client representation.


For Legalis & Partners, adding SESAR to Secure Exchanges has transformed their way of handling sensitive information. The automation of administrative tasks and the enhanced security of exchanges allow them to provide exceptional customer service while maintaining high productivity. Lawyers can work with confidence, knowing that their communications are not only protected but also optimally organized.

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