Secure delivery
of insurance documents
and digital signature request

Automatic renewal of an insurance policy, signature of a new contract, medical information, etc. As insurance brokers, you exchange many voluminous confidential documents. Secure your email communications in minutes.

For less than

The assurance of being well protected
is also for your data!

As a professional, you have a duty and legal responsibility to ensure that confidential information is protected during email transfers.
With Secure Exchanges, sensitive data is extracted from every email or SMS and sent by a “digital armored truck” that only your recipient can open. How? Using a unique methodology to retrieve a military grade decryption key.
Encrypted envelope
Install within minutes from your Outlook or Gmail.
Paper shredder
Security response to the zero-paper policy and digital shift in place.
The most affordable confidential document protection solution on the market

Secure Exchanges : to ensure the exchange of insurance brokers

Facilitate sending and retrieving sensitive data
Allows you to receive and send confidential documents without your recipient having to download a software.
Obtain an electronic signature
Allows you to have all your documents digitally signed (contracts, authorizations, fonts, etc.) without using any other software.
Zipped File
Share large files
Allows you to email files up to 25GB and reduce the volume of your mailbox as no data are being duplicated.
Ensure full traceability
Allows the sender to follow each step: sending, receiving, opening, downloading, etc. to ensure the communication runs smoothly.
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