Email transfers face limitations, including attachment size caps (usually 10 to 25 MB), security vulnerabilities, and the need for file compression, complicating the sending process. Bandwidth consumption and email storage limits quickly become issues, especially with large files, leading to potential internet slowdowns and the need for frequent storage management. The process also lacks effective version control, making collaboration difficult. Dependence on stable internet access and the rare risk of file corruption further complicate transfers, alongside compatibility issues across different email platforms. Consequently, many opt for alternatives like cloud storage or secure file transfer services, which offer larger file capacities, enhanced security, and more efficient management for file sharing.

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Why choose Secure Exchanges?

Compatibility and integration

Seamless integrations with outlook and gmail

Designed with user-friendliness in mind, allowing users to use either gmail or microsoft outlook without ever having to leave current workflow or inbox. Send and receive large files directly in your inbox or via Secure Exchanges web portal.

Operational efficiency is thus improved without compromising the security of the exchanged data.

Advanced encryption

Advanced encryption

Our end-to-end encryption technology ensures foolproof security for every exchanged file, making your data inaccessible to intrusions. Relying on the globally recognized aes 256-bit protocol for its robustness, every message you send is encrypted with a unique key, ensuring that only you and your recipient can access it.

To complement our security arsenal, we have developed a patented key exchange approach that facilitates the secure transfer of encryption keys between users. This process ensures that only the intended recipient can decrypt the message, thus enhancing the confidentiality and security of each exchange.

Traceability and compliance

Traceability and compliance

With detailed logging, Secure Exchanges offers complete visibility into your exchanges, reinforcing the governance of your data. Understanding the importance of being able to trace every action performed on your files, our system meticulously records each file download, including crucial information such as the date and time of the download, as well as the integrity of the exchanged file through sha512 hashing.

Iphone and android

Mobile accessibility

Our platform ensures that you stay connected and manage your file exchanges securely, wherever you are. Unlike traditional solutions, our service does not require a separate mobile app. This approach simplifies your experience and eliminates the need for downloads or software updates, allowing you to focus on what really matters: sharing and receiving information securely and efficiently.

With our responsive website, you have full accessibility to our services from any mobile device, offering a consistent and easy-to-use user interface. This universal accessibility ensures that you and your contacts can interact with your video and photo files without obstacles, facilitating collaboration and real-time information sharing, no matter where you are.

Life span

Control over file lifespan

File lifespan management is another key feature of Secure Exchanges, offering users complete control over the timing of their data. You can set files to automatically delete after a defined period or a specific number of openings, allowing you to control how long your information remains accessible. This feature ensures optimal privacy and security by ensuring that sensitive data does not remain available indefinitely.

Life span

Retrieve large files from a third party

Our secure envelope feature is a major innovation that allows for the retrieval of heavy and confidential documents from third parties, without them needing a Secure Exchanges license. This approach greatly facilitates the collection of sensitive information, while ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of the received data.

It's an ideal solution for regulated professions or any entity that needs to exchange critical information securely.

High speed file transfer

Large files & ultra-fast speeds

We split each file large or small into small segments. Each segment is fully encrypted. Secure Exchanges does not compress content or alter content. We open 10 simultaneous connections to get maximum speeds to your machine, all while being fully encrypted.

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