Transferring large files


You don't have time to waste with the transmission of information. However, it is essential that the sensitive information you exchange with your customers remains strictly confidential. In addition, you must be able to transfer large attachments easily and quickly. Whether you are in the accounthing, finance, insurance, legal or other sectors, Secure Exchanges will allow you to send heavy, highly secure attachments.

No size limit with Secure Exchanges

Your files are too large and you can't attach them to your email? Use Secure Exchanges and not only will your large attachments be delivered safely, but your recipient will also receive them securely!

You are not able to send files larger than 25 MB because your email server (Outlook, Gmail...) does not allow you to do so?
With Secure Exchanges, send as many attachments as you want, with no size limit, regardless the capacity of your recipient's mail server! Only the power of your computer and the speed of your Internet connection could eventually constitute a limit.

Our offers for sending large files by email

All email content (including large files) must be protected by a highly secure, reliable and easy-to-use tool capable of transporting large digital files. It's your reputation that's at stake!

We invite you to consult our different offers. If you want to be able to send larger sizes of data, we offer solutions adapted to all types of needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can evaluate your needs together and propose a personalized offer.