Get notified when an email and/or its attachments are opened

Control your electronic exchanges from your mailbox to the recipient's one

When sending a confidential message (email or SMS), Secure Exchanges offers you several options. Not only can you write it using your usual email client (Outlook, Gmail) in which you will have previously integrated Secure Exchanges, but you can also choose to use our online platform.

After this step, simply write your email and select the documents you wish to send confidentially to your correspondent. If your package allows it, you can even require a password and/or SMS code allowing the recipient to access your message.

When your recipients receives your secure email or SMS, it does not appear directly in their inbox. They receive a link to a secure page that allows them to read their message (with or without a password, depending on your choice).

During the whole process, your message is encrypted in our database, and no one other than your recipient can access it… not even our team. It is fully protected in your mailbox, during its transfer (in the cloud) as well as in your recipient's mailbox. Most other tools offering you to secure your electronic communications are in fact only protecting your own devices (computers, tablets or phones).

Be notified when your message is read

Thanks to Secure Exchanges your message and/or its attached files are, by default, systematically and permanently deleted after 30 days. However, YOU have control over the number of openings and life span. You can choose to destroy your email after the first reading, or even if it has not been done after a period of time that you have previously determined.

No records anywhere! No one will access it due to the complete destruction of its content on the entire web. Not only both mailboxes - yours and the recipient’s one - will be automatically cleaned, it will also reduce the size your email/data storage needs. In addition, no sensitive information will remain in any mailbox, but in a secure place in which your recipient has chosen to archive confidential documents.

Messages are self-destructing, so it is all the more important to have traceability of their progress. Have they been read? Have the attachments been retrieved? Most email clients do not guarantee notification of an email's read status, or even that of its attachments.

With Secure Exchanges you will get:

  • A message opening notification
  • An attached file downloading notification

In short: Secure Exchanges allows you to have a confirmation of the opening of your email and its attachments, which will give you complete peace of mind when you move to another folder.

With Secure Exchanges you can delete the content of your electronic exchanges and keep an accurate history of their transmission, without putting your messages and attachments at risk!