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It is more and more difficult to be certain of the confidentiality of your electronic data exchanged both by email and through the various software programs you use on a daily basis. There are several tools in the field of computer security that promise you flawless security. However, these are easily infiltrable: our team has tested them!

Even world-renowned companies are getting their data hacked as technology evolves: there are countless stories of hacking into confidential data that are in the news ! The theft of personal and professional data is becoming more and more common.

Do you realize how easy it is to extract sensitive information from your emails?

Getting your confidential information is simple enough for a hacker because, without you knowing it, they can exploit several security vulnerabilities related to your mailboxes. Email is not a totally secure means of communication! The information contained in a mailbox can be retrieved for various reasons:

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Technology may evolve, but some things are unchanged: it is no more difficult to intercept a conversation than it was when the phone became widespread.
  • Each email sent is copied to several places: sent items, inbox, trash, spam filter, archives... The last thing you want when you send confidential information is to leave copies everywhere.
  • An email is regularly compared to a postcard because it is also transparent. Although more and more email servers are encrypted using SSL, this is unfortunately still not a systematic practice, not to mention the fact that daily technological innovation makes this protocol less and less infallible.
  • Many companies use external service providers to manage their servers/websites/e-mails... Not only do they have access to your data, but they can also be targeted by malicious minds.
  • A weak password makes your sensitive information vulnerable not only to you but also to your correspondents. Cybercriminals are happy about it!
  • Few people clean their mailboxes, so hackers have potential access to a gold mine of confidential information. Moreover, even if deleted, your data remains visible and accessible for a certain time before becoming really inaccessible on the web.

For all these reasons, you must be vigilant and give importance to the security of your electronic communications. Protecting your confidential data is our business: using Secure Exchanges is about inspiring trust and building customer loyalty.

Protect your confidential information in an optimal way with Secure Exchanges

By sending an email with Secure Exchanges, your sensitive information is completely secure. To use it is to have the assurance that:

  • your messages are secure during the transfer
  • your message is not archived anywhere and any trace of its content is destroyed;
  • your data is protected at the recipient's address;
  • You have the desired level of confidentiality (3 levels of security), and therefore no external service provider will be able to read the content of your emails.

This guarantee is made possible by a unique encryption system updated to keep pace with the latest developments in new technologies.

The encryption system used is AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 256. This is the highest level of encryption currently available on the market. Only the recipient and the sender know the encryption key. Without this key, it would take about 2.8 billion years to decipher the message. In other words, it's impossible!

Moreover, at no time does Secure Exchanges know the sender, the recipient, or even the keys used to transport the content: the security of your company has been designed by hackers who put their skills at the service of the Force's good side. Could you have a better guarantee of trust?!

Still not convinced? Please note that:

  • We are regularly subjected to security audits that confirm the excellent reliability of our technology.
  • With Secure Exchanges, your reputation is protected by IT experts who are familiar with the latest technological advances used by hackers. These same computer scientists cannot themselves trace the information: this unique security wonder is patented.
  • Several investors have chosen to trust Secure Exchanges.
  • The encryption systems usually found on the market are expensive and time-consuming to install. Secure Exchanges is simple to use, easy to install and adapted to your budget.

Even today, many companies are unaware of the damage that can result from neglecting email security. Lead by example: become responsible by protecting your sensitive information, and therefore your customers, partners and employees.

Choose Secure Exchanges' advanced technology and you will be sure to benefit from the latest and most effective encryption techniques, both for your emails and for the transmission of data information in the software you use!