Bidirectional secure communication

Mailboxes are information goldmines for anyone getting their hands on them. Do you regularly clean your mailbox? Congratulations! You are part of the minority who care about the confidentiality of their email exchanges.

What about your contacts? Can you be 100% sure about the confidentiality of the data you are sharing? Are you also totally confident that your cleaning will leave no traces of the exchanged data? ?

By using Secure Exchanges as your reliable digital data carrier, you won't even have to ask yourself the question anymore. No more doubt, suspicion or fear: our technology guarantees a 100% reliable, user friendly and easy to integrate solution. Be totally sure that your email exchanges are confidential, from sending to receiving, including attachments.

Secure Exchanges protects your data... even in the recipient's mailbox

Your correspondents do not clean their emails and these are consequently not protected? Even in that case, by using Secure Exchanges you can be sure that your message will be totally confidential.

Most people use a low-level password that can compromise their mailbox’s security. By adding an extra layer of protection to your email, Secure Exchanges allows you to bypass this potential problematic situation.


Imagine a safe (your mailbox) that has been robbed. Once opened, the culprit finds a folder supposedly filled with confidential documents. He opens it and realizes that the documents are not accessible. Either because it has already been removed (read in the case of your email), or because a password or SMS code is required to open it.That's what Secure Exchanges technology is all about!

Retrieve sensitive content by email

Are you looking to obtain confidential information electronically from one of your customers, partners or other collaborators? Is it a headache to get a sample cheque or credit card number from them? Do you have to deal with paper, telephone and meetings to get there? By holding a Secure Exchanges license, this content can be transferred securely, even if the sender does not have one.


It's very simple: send him a secure, single-use, postage-paid return envelope that will allow him to send you a secure email with attachments as large as your license allows.

Imagine ordering clothing over the Internet that is delivered directly to your home by a trusted freight forwarder verifying your identity and asking you for a signature. Unfortunately, you have made a mistake in size when ordering... If the sender trusts his product and shows professionalism, you will find in your package a return slip allowing you to return the item through the same trusted forwarder. Secure Exchanges allows you to do the same for your dematerialized exchanges.

return image with Secure Exchanges logo

Even without being a Secure Exchanges customer, your contact will be able to insert texts and documents into this virtual envelope and return it to you by encrypted email using Secure Exchanges technology.

Thus, whether it is to open an account, communicate a password, receive a passport photo, a credit card number or any other confidential document, this information can be returned to you by your contact in complete confidence with Secure Exchanges.

Every minute, hackers obtain the personal information of thousands of people: their pay statements, bank data and other official documents.Let Secure Exchanges manage the confidentiality of this information for you so that it remains un-traceable. .