Multi-platform, easy to use and integrate

The security of online communications is our business. With Secure Exchanges, you benefit from the latest and most efficient encryption technologies to secure your email messages. You are therefore protected in the most optimal way possible. In addition, our technology offers you a user-friendly experience: it is simple to use, easy to install and integrates to most existing platforms.

Secure Exchanges: an easy-to-use and effective tool

Do you ever need a sample cheque or credit card number from a customer? Using mail is long and Internet dangerous for sending this type of information. With Secure Exchanges, it's as simple and fast as it is secure. You can share sensitive information with peace of mind throughout the sending process and even after.

Secure Exchanges is a point-to-point encryption digital data transmission protection technology that is easy to use and integrate with many confidential communications sources. This solution allows the user to keep his usual environment, maintain his productivity and use, if necessary, even more secure sending options, with ease and in an optimal secure environment.

If, for example, you use Microsoft Outlook® to send your emails, setting up Secure Exchanges will take you only a few minutes. Our solution will easily integrate to your email client. Once the plug-in is downloaded and your license activated, Secure Exchange will be part of your daily tool: its ergonomics designed for intuitive use will make it very quickly natural within Outlook.

Your recipient will have nothing to install or set up, whether to access the protected content you send them or to respond to you in a secure manner. In addition, he will be able to easily receive large files, regardless of the limitations of his email server.

Test the ease of use of Secure Exchanges now: we offer you a free one-month trial!

Multi-platform protection for the transmission of your sensitive data

Most email security tools are designed to:

  • a single platform
  • only one type of sending
  • one device only

With Secure Exchanges, share your confidential online data securely anytime, anywhere!

Not only does Secure Exchanges protect your electronic mailings by email and SMS on many devices (computers, tablets or mobile phones), but you can also easily integrate it with a wide range of other platforms (CRM, KeePass, Wordpress, Sharepoint, Office 365 and many more...), all of which can make you vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Do you use softwares that sends confidential information? Secure Exchanges is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that, through secure Application Programming Interface (API), allows third-party software to exchange information in complete confidentiality.

In addition, our SDKs (Software development kit) in .Net and .Javascript will make it even easier to integrate.

All our packages allow you to benefit from this multi-platform advantage. Don't wait any longer, try Secure Exchanges for free for 30 days!

Secure Exchanges offers you the guarantee of total confidentiality of your online correspondence!