Secure Exchanges : The confidentiality of your communications in an intrusive digital world

Protecting your private communications must be a priority! First, discover why and how Secure Exchanges allows you to secure your transfers of sensitive information in an optimal, simple, efficient and cost-effective way. Then realize that it is a unique and innovative tool. Finally, see its added value in terms of peace of mind, reduced costs and the benefits it can bring to your company's reputation.

Secure Exchanges is a SaaS that enables point-to-point encrypted email exchange without the recipient having to install anything. It allows you to send emails with attachments up to 2.5 G. It not only allows you to send information, but it also allows you to receive information.

Integrated into Microsoft Outlook, Gmail via a Chrome extension or even via the online platform, Secure Exchanges allows you to stay on the same email server, while effectively securing your exchanges.

Our technology, while integrated with Microsoft Outlook, does not stop there. It can easily be integrated to various platforms via our powerful developer toolkit. This one will therefore allow you to connect your enterprise systems to Secure Exchanges to exchange data with outside the organization without compromising it. Secure Exchanges allows you to exchange confidential information with a third party. without the need for a license, and based on the principle of an envelope stamped, you will be able to retrieve encrypted confidential information from it.

Secure Exchanges: a mission and vision to protect your data transfers

Each of our actions is driven by our global vision: to contribute to the protection of data transfers by raising awareness among as many companies as possible of the importance of securing confidential information shared on the web. Our team intends to help as many organizations as possible to protect themselves from external attacks.

The solutions proposed on the market for securing confidential communications seem far from satisfactory: not very functional, not very flexible, not very affordable, not very easy to integrate into the various tools already in place within companies, and especially not secure enough (attached files do not self-destruct, the recipient's information is not as protected as the sender's, etc.).

In response to this situation, we have set ourselves the task of developing the independent Secure Exchanges platform aimed at optimally securing your exchanges of sensitive data.

We all have needs, occasional or regular, for secure information transfers. However, everyone has their own way of managing this type of communication. With Secure Exchanges, share your confidential electronic data securely anytime, anywhere!

In addition to protecting your electronic mailings by email and SMS on many devices (computers, tablets or mobile phones), Secure Exchanges will integrate with a large number of other platforms (CRM, KeePass, Wordpress, Sharepoint, Office 365 and many others...), all of which can make you vulnerable to cyber attacks.

One of the most reliable digital value carriers in the world

Disclosure of confidential data that your customers and partners believe is secure when it is transferred could instantly damage your reputation. How many cases of this type have recently made the headlines?

With Secure Exchanges, your data transfers are protected by IT professionals who are familiar with the latest technological advances used by hackers, and these same IT professionals themselves cannot track the information you entrust to them! This unique security wonder is patented. Several investors and companies from all over the world have chosen to trust it.

Map to visualize the usage of Secure Exchanges around the world
Secure Exchanges usage statistics 2020 october

Secure Exchanges is also regularly subjected to security audits, which confirm the excellent reliability of our technology every time.

The digital world, a vulnerable environment

It is more and more difficult to be certain of the confidentiality of electronic data exchanged both by email and through the various software programs you use on a daily basis. There are several tools that promise you a flawless security of your shipments. However, these are easily attacked.

World-class companies are getting their data hacked as technology evolves: there are countless revelations of hacking into confidential data that are in the news ! The theft of both personal and professional data is becoming more and more widespread and is statistically expected to grow exponentially.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) - a particular issue in cybersecurity - too often neglected, but regularly put back on the agenda by the media during major security breaches, undermines the credibility of recognized companies or institutions.

Alarming statistics

  • «Say hello to Collection #1, a data set exposing 772,904,991 unique email addresses» - 1
  • « The average cost of a security breach is $3,500,000. » - 2
  • « Yahoo Says 1 Billion User Accounts Were Hacked. » - 3
  • 57% of people have already sent information by email to the wrong person - 4
  • 75% of individuals use only 3 or 4 passwords for all their accounts - 5
  • More than 281 billion emails are sent every day (excluding spam) worldwide - 6

Still need more evidence before considering the importance of protecting your confidential data? You'll be interested in what happens next!

Benefits adapted to your business reality

Prevent any security breaches in the transfer of your data so that you do not have to suffer the financial consequences as much as the reputation of your company: this is exactly the peace of mind that Secure Exchanges offers you when you exchange sensitive data.

The encryption systems usually found on the market are expensive and time-consuming to install. Secure Exchanges is simple to use, easy to install and adapted to your budget.

Moreover, by using it, you strengthen your reputation with your customers, employees, partners and other collaborators while saving money. In addition, you will reduce your company's/organization's carbon footprint by avoiding printing documents on the one hand, but above all by avoiding using a mail delivery service, often polluting, to deliver your correspondence.

Secure Exchanges makes it possible, at any time, to protect all sensitive communications of a company. But not only that! Discover why this tool stands out in the world of computer data transfer security:

Make sure you have every chance to keep your sensitive information out of the reach of malicious eyes. Opt for Secure Exchanges now!

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