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Challenges and Solutions with SESAR

**This fictional scenario serves to illustrate the use of SESAR in a business context.

ComptaSecure & Partners is a large accounting firm that relies on Secure Exchanges integrated with Microsoft Outlook for secure email communication with its clients. To improve the management of these exchanges, the firm has deployed SESAR on an internal server.

Financial Document Exchanges

  • Scenario : Accountants regularly send encrypted financial reports and tax returns to their clients.
  • SESAR rule : Each financial report sent is automatically synchronized and stored on the internal server of ComptaSecure & Partners.
  • Advantage : Documents are centralized, ensuring easy retrieval for audits or tax follow-ups, even if the original emails are no longer available at the end user.

Transmission of Compliance Documents

  • Scenario : Compliance documents, such as KYC (Know Your Customer) checks, must be securely shared with clients and stored in accordance with regulations.
  • SESAR rule : Each compliance-related exchange is copied to a specific client folder on the ComptaSecure & Partners server.
  • Advantage : All compliance evidence is easily accessible, and audit procedures are greatly simplified.

Signature Process for Service Contracts

  • Scenario : The firm needs to get annual service contracts or non-disclosure agreements signed
  • SESAR rule : When an email for document signature is sent, a copy of the signed contract is immediately synchronized and archived on the server.
  • Advantage : Even if the client does not return the signed document on time, the firm has a copy of the attempted transaction, which is essential for accountability and evidence persistence.

Management of Audit Document Requests and Responses

  • Scenario : Auditors often request specific documents, and the responses must be swift and secure.
  • SESAR rule : When audit documents are sent via Secure Exchanges, they are systematically synchronized and saved.
  • Advantage : Responses to auditors are traced and archived, making it easier to respond to future requests and to prepare for subsequent audits.

Recovery of Confidential Documents

  • Scenario : An associate at ComptaSecure & Partners needs to retrieve confidential tax documents from a client to complete a tax return or audit. Therefore, the associate uses Secure Exchanges via Outlook to send a secure request. The client receives a link to upload their documents into a 'secure envelope' (a secure email for file exchange), without needing to own a Secure Exchanges license.
  • SESAR rule : As soon as documents are received via the secure envelope, SESAR automatically synchronizes them onto ComptaSecure & Partners’ dedicated server. Additionally, a webhook can be triggered to notify internal management systems or to initiate specific business processes, such as the review of documents by a designated auditor or their integration into an existing client file.
  • Advantage : This not only ensures that all collected documents are archived and secured in compliance with the firm's policies but also that the process is integrated into existing workflows, making the management of received documents more efficient and automated.


By integrating SESAR into their secure communication infrastructure via Outlook, ComptaSecure & Partners optimize the processing and management of confidential documents. This ability to securely retrieve documents in a controlled manner without requiring an external license eliminates barriers for clients and consolidates the firm's position as a leader in the adoption of advanced cybersecurity technologies. The recovery, storage, and automated processing of documents via SESAR allow the firm to reduce the time spent on manual data management and to focus on high-level analysis and consulting, thereby providing significant added value to their services.

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* ComptaSecure & Partners is a fictitious name used to illustrate the scenario.

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