Secure Exchanges: Elevating HNA's Commitment to Operational Excellence and Data Security

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In the fast-paced digital era, businesses require solutions that are not only efficient but also prioritize data security. HNA, a prominent Canadian institution, recognized this need and made a transformative decision. Samuel Bolduc, the Director of Integration at HNA, provided a detailed account of the company's transition to Secure Exchanges, an avant-garde digital signature provider system. This significant move has redefined HNA's operational landscape, strengthening its pledge to data protection, cost-efficiency, and heightened customer satisfaction.

The Need for Change: From Manual to Automated

Before Secure Exchanges, HNA contended with an inefficient signature provider system. Samuel Bolduc reflected, 'Before Secure Exchanges, HNA was using another company for the signature provider system. There was no automation possible with that platform; we had to do everything manually. So it was taking a lot of time for our staff.'

A Resolute Stand on Canadian Data Sovereignty

Ensuring that customer data remained within Canadian borders was paramount for HNA. Secure Exchanges not only met this requirement but provided enhanced protection measures. Samuel Bolduc proudly emphasized the company's commitment, "It was really important to keep our data in Canadian ground. Secure Exchanges was able to give us that guarantee and even more with its encryption secured by a private key that only the customer has. We are now confident that even the hosted data wasn't at risk since it's been encrypted and locked even for the service provider."

Redefining Customer Engagement with Robust Security

HNA's commitment to security extends beyond internal processes. The company aimed to offer its customers a platform where they could exchange confidential documents with peace of mind. Samuel Bolduc elaborated on this, stating, "Not only did Secure Exchanges fulfill that need, but on top of that, it allows us to send a security envelope to our customer so they can drop their files in and send them back to us with the same level of security."

User-Friendly Design Ensures Smooth Transition

For any organization, especially one as large as HNA, introducing new systems can pose challenges. However, Samuel Bolduc highlighted the seamless transition, "Going with a solution that's integrated into Outlook was really the way to go. Just like their name says, Secure Exchanges allows us to exchange documents with our customers using a security level that is above market standard."

Client Adoption: Embracing the Future of Digital Security

One of the most telling indicators of Secure Exchanges' effectiveness is the rapid and positive response from HNA's clients. Their adoption of the platform was swift and enthusiastic, signaling trust and confidence in the solution HNA had chosen. Clients expressed appreciation for the ease with which they could securely exchange large files, as well as the assurance of knowing their data was safeguarded. This widespread client adoption not only validated HNA's decision to transition to Secure Exchanges but also showcased the platform's universal appeal and efficiency.

Realizing Cost Efficiency Through Automation

Beyond security, Secure Exchanges brought significant cost savings and operational efficiency to HNA. Samuel Bolduc observed the tangible benefits, remarking, "We've managed to save a lot of time with the usage of the SDK and automating the sending and receiving of files. Additionally, we were able to reduce our administrative costs due to the Secure Exchanges billing method."

Samuel Bolduc's testimony underscores HNA's forward-thinking approach and unwavering commitment to excellence. His concluding thoughts resonate with businesses everywhere: "I believe that any company that claims that digital security is at the top of their priority should consider Secure Exchanges." Secure Exchanges has undoubtedly set a gold standard in the industry, and HNA stands as a testament to its transformative potential.

For more details and to hear all of Samuel Bolduc's comments, feel free to check out the video below.

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