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Human Capital Experts (HCE) is a human resources consulting firm that offers services such as executive recruitment, talent management, and succession planning for international companies. They handle a significant amount of sensitive personal data and are subject to strict data privacy regulations.

**This fictional scenario serves to illustrate the use of SESAR in a corporate context.

Integration of Secure Exchanges and SESAR

HCE uses Microsoft Outlook for all its internal and external communications. To ensure confidentiality and compliance when exchanging sensitive information with clients and candidates, HCE integrates Secure Exchanges with Outlook.

SESAR is deployed on an internal server to automate the synchronization and backup of all exchanges made through Secure Exchanges, ensuring that sensitive data remains within the organization's control.

Daily Use and WebHooks

Recruitment and information exchange: When recruitment consultants send contracts, CVs, or candidate assessments, they use Secure Exchanges to ensure confidentiality. These documents are automatically synchronized to the SESAR server.

Collection of candidate data: Candidates submit their personal information, such as references and employment history, via a secure email generated by Secure Exchanges. No license is required for the candidates, and all received information is stored on SESAR.

Business rules automation via WebHooks: Whenever a new document is received or communication is made, SESAR can trigger specific business rules through WebHooks. For example, received CVs can be automatically categorized in the company's CRM, associated with the right job offer.

Benefits and Automated Business Rules

Application management: WebHooks classify candidate information according to the position and urgency, allowing recruiters to quickly focus on the most relevant profiles.

Communication tracking: With SESAR, consultants have easy access to communication histories with candidates, which is crucial for maintaining consistent and personalized engagement.

Compliance and confidentiality: SESAR enables HCE to comply with regulations such as GDPR, ensuring that all personal data is processed securely and in compliance.

Integration with HR systems: WebHooks push information into systems such as SAP SuccessFactors or Workday for updating candidate and employee profiles.

Feedback process: After an interview, when feedback is collected and sent, WebHooks can notify the concerned parties and update the candidates' records with this new information.


For Human Capital Experts, SESAR enriches the functionality of Secure Exchanges by offering a comprehensive solution for the management of candidate data. SESAR's ability to store, organize, and automate the workflow of communications allows HCE to stand out in terms of efficiency and compliance. The company can thus ensure a better protection of its candidates' and clients' data while optimizing its internal processes.

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