Private Medical Center "Santé Privée Québec" (SPQ)

Applying technology to the medical sector

In the context of a private medical center, where patient data privacy and security are of the utmost importance due to the Health Services and Social Services Act and the Act respecting Access to documents held by public bodies and the Protection of personal information, the integration of Secure Exchanges and SESAR can be particularly advantageous.

The SPQ center specializes in providing private health services, offering specialized consultations, treatments, and medical follow-ups. It uses state-of-the-art technology and handles a significant amount of sensitive medical information.

**This fictitious scenario serves to illustrate the use of SESAR in a business context.

Integration of Secure Exchanges and SESAR

SPQ staff use Microsoft Outlook for communications with patients, insurers, and specialists. To protect health data, SPQ integrates Secure Exchanges directly into Outlook.

SESAR is installed on a secure server within the SPQ infrastructure, enabling automatic synchronization and backup of all encrypted communications.

Daily Use and WebHooks

Medical information exchange: When doctors share test results or medical reports with patients or other healthcare professionals, they use Secure Exchanges. The data is then synchronized on SESAR.

Communication with patients: Patients send their medical history or updates on their condition via a secure email. They do not need a Secure Exchanges license, and SESAR archives this information.

Business rule automation via WebHooks: SESAR can trigger specific actions upon receiving medical documents, such as the automatic updating of patient records in the center's medical management system.

Benefits and Automated Business Rules

Patient record management: WebHooks can automatically classify medical information received by document type and patient, facilitating quick access for medical staff.

Regulatory compliance: SESAR ensures that all exchanged medical data is stored in compliance with Quebec's privacy standards, particularly regarding the retention of health data.

Integration with electronic health systems: WebHooks enable the integration of secure data with electronic health record management systems, optimizing the process of updating records.

Treatment tracking: The tracking of treatments and prescriptions can be automated, with WebHooks notifying pharmacists or nurses of new prescriptions to prepare or treatment plans to adjust.

Appointment scheduling: Business rules can be set up to automate appointment scheduling based on requests received via secure email.


For "Santé Privée Québec", SESAR adds an extra dimension to securing communications with Secure Exchanges. This solution not only guarantees the security and confidentiality of medical information exchanges but also improves the efficiency of internal processes, reduces the risk of human error, and ensures that the center complies with strict data protection regulations in Quebec.

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