Reinforce trust & keep your confidential data safe

Send test results from your computer to the customer's phone

You must communicate laboratory test results confidentially. Also, you need to do it quickly and simply because these results impact the health of your customers and the population.

Secure Exchanges has developed a safe solution for use by healthcare professionals. Our application protects your customers' data and the relationship of trust you have with them.

We specifically designed our app to facilitate the confidential communication of Covid-19 test results and customer personal information. Only the recipient can open the encrypted message you send to them. This message will automatically auto-destroy after 30 days.

Use of the Secure Exchanges app by your personnel is relatively simple. All they have to do is attach the screening test form, choose the communication channel to reach the customer (SMS or email), insert the contact details and specify the nature of the result. You will find this illustrated on our interface. You can also add a password (e.g. the customer’s health insurance number) to ensure double protection.

At Secure Exchanges, we consider security as a fundamental right. Therefore, we transport your digital data with shielded solutions to guarantee confidentiality.

Do you need to communicate other types of results? Our application can be adapted to send any type of results. Contact us for more information at

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