4 proofs that you are a perfect target for hackers

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You think you're invincible online. Computer piracy happens only to others. You exchange your information, your passwords and you leave your information sleeping in your e-mail accounts. Congratulations, you are officially void to protect your privacy. So here are 4 signs that you are a perfect target for hackers.

You love free wifi

There you go. You are in a place that offers free wifi. For you it is happiness. You will check your accounts online, you look at your emails and you browse as if you were at home.

Unfortunately, this is one of the most beautiful user behaviors to have if you want to steal your identity. Hackers love free wifi since you expose yourself as never to computer fraud.

To learn more about this type of threat, we strongly suggest you take a moment to read this article:

http://usa.kaspersky.com/internet-security-center /internet-safety/public-wifi-risks#.V1wlVfnhCUk

It's a safe bet that you will be a little less exited to use a free wifi connection. If you are in public, at the hotel or at the restaurant, limit your use of the data and if you have to do so, use your cellular data instead. You will avoid many worries.

You exchange your documents online by email

A problem that is still too frequent among users. Your accountant, your notary, your financial adviser or others ask for information and send them by email. Your pay stub, a check specimen, there is no problem you send by email and let your attachments sleep in your outbox.

This is one of the easiest ways for hackers to cheat you and steal your identity. In addition, there is a wealth of personal information that you can find and send it to you as if there were no problems.

This is exactly why we have set up Secure Exchanges. In addition to avoiding dormant information in your mailbox, this information is also deleted from your recipient's inbox. This way, you no longer have to worry about dormant confidential information that concerns you.

You do not see the value of dual authentication levels

Speaking of sending information via email, many have the reflex to believe (wrongly) that mail systems like gmail, hotmail and even outlook secure your communications. You've never been so wrong. Although the transmission may seem safe, what happens when your mailboxes or exchange servers are hacked? All your information is available for hackers information. It is very (too) simple for them to keep them.

This is why several mailboxes offer a dual authentication system. Unfortunately, many of you find these systems too cumbersome, too heavy management. This is a way to protect your information online by preventing hackers from using your information to harm you.

You have a good password and you use it everywhere

Last sign that you are completely lost online and that you simply wait for a hacker to do you damage, you found yourself a good password 10 years ago and you use it on hundreds of platform.

Here is a typical example of a totally irresponsible web browser. To protect yourself online, be sure to vary your passwords to make sure that if one of your accounts is compromised, hackers will not have access to all your online accounts.

It is relatively simple for hackers to associate your accounts with your emails and passwords. Why do not they make life more difficult by varying your passwords?

Also, do not forget to exchange a password directly by e-mail. If you have to do this, use a product like Secure Exchanges that will help you avoid fraud and theft of your e-mail, banking and other accounts.

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