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With our packages for small, medium and large businesses, you pay only for use. Whether you post your messages on our platform or with our plugins, you only pay for the messages you secure.

With Secure Exchanges for Microsoft Outlook, you choose whether to secure your email. You retain control over the messages you want to secure.

Secure emails, using Secure Exchanges, can hold up to 10G of file attachments, regardless of the weight allowed by your recipient's email server.

No recipient account required


For any staff member or executive who wishes to provide information to third parties responsibly from time to time. Integration of Secure Exchanges with tools and online.

0.02 $ CA of message
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For anyone in business who uses tools like Outlook, CRM or Gmail regularly to send sensitive information to customers, colleagues and partners. Integration of Secure Exchanges with tools and online.

0.04 $ CA of message
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For people in real estate, IT and finance who wish to double the security of their sending and receiving sensitive information with a password and a read notice. Integration of Secure Exchanges with tools and online.

0.06 $ CA of message
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For anyone in a large company who sends and receives daily information and confidential files. Password, white label, secure form and company key with 50,000 messages and more.

Price on request
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Comparison of packages

Bronze Silver Platinum corporate
No recipient account required
Message Destroyed After Reading
Single Key Encryption Message
Plugin outlook
Using the API
Récupérer des informations sensibles de vos clients
Notification of reading
Message with password
Message sent by your email address
Message with random code 6 digits (SMS & e-mail)
Sends files up to 10 GB
Opening history
Corporate Key
White mark
Unread message retention 14 days 14 days 14 days custom

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