User management

How to manage users?

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This page allows you to manage the users of your company. Only the administrators and super administrators have the authorisation to manage this page. It allows you to do the following for each user.

  • Modify the first and last name of the users
  • Choose who is the administrator or user
  • Check the usage details of each user
  • Modify the user's package among the packages available to you
  • Cancel the renewal of a license
  • Tranfer a license to another user
Event log export dates

Create users

First name
Last name
Cell phone

At the time of import, you can assign a license to your user. You must have already purchased your licenses before importing your users. If you have no more licenses at the time of import, the user will be imported without a license. Use the planId column: DEBASE = eco, COMPLET = advanced, COMPLET2100 = pro

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