Management of company information

Basic information

Subscription number
Client number

Business informations

Business name
State / Region
Postal code
Header bar HTML color
HTML email button background color
HTML email button text color
HTML email border color
Activate password suggestion
Password length
Must contains upper case letter
Must contain lower case letter
Must contains special chars
Must contains number

Geolocation in notifications

Activate geolocation in read messages notifications

Text placed in the header of the site

 InfoThis text will be placed in the header of the message reading or writing pages. Place the important information you want your customers to know, HTML is accepted, but for security reasons some tags are not "iframe, body, html, head, script, link" and will be removed. We reserve the right to withdraw all access to Secure Exchanges and to apply monetary penalties if attempts at injection, piracy or other malicious action are made on our platform. Translated with

Email Template


 InfoThis will be the logo that will be displayed in the header of the reading pages and the logo that will be used in the email. We suggest an image at least 500px wide. This will be sized to 350px maximum on the website. Maximum 500k

Logo in use

New logo