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Options for business

Businesses can easily integrate Secure Exchanges with Office 365, Outlook, Gmail, CRM, KeePass and more to communicate internally and externally.

In addition to this possibility, we offer exclusively 3 business-oriented security options for online forms, branding and centralized message management.

Secure Form

With our API, you can connect your systems with Secure Exchanges. Our API is compatible with your CRM, your forms, your mailbox and more. This ensures that, for example, if a customer contacts you with an online form on your website, you are protected.

This option is available in all our packages, except the free version.

Simply integrate Secure Exchanges with your existing applications

Our experts have developed libraries that you can easily integrate into your applications. Ideal for exchanging information between two systems together. Whether files or text Secure Exchanges is the solution.

We have SDKs for the following technologies

  • .net
  • java

White labeling

The white label option allows you to customize Secure Exchanges to the colors and branding of your company. Your customers and partners therefore associate the tool with your company, thus increasing your reputation and the confidence they have in your company.

Secure Exchange then becomes a selling point for your company: you show that you really have the security of Your customers at heart.

This option is available only in the corporate package.

Business Key

The business key option allows you to manage a centralized batch of messages. You use them as you want and you can create an unlimited number of keys for your employees. This option is only available in the Corporate Package.

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