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Comparison of online security software for business

Initially, we decided to create Secure Exchanges because we could not find anything on the market to communicate in a completely confidential way. There was always something wrong: the attached files did not self-destruct, the recipient was not as protected as the sender ... and many others.

We are proud of the tool we have created. We can tell you that with Secure Exchanges, the info and the documents you sent are 100% not found after reading.

Competitive Tools Secure Exchanges
It is enough that only one of the two interlocutors uses the application for an optimal security
Information is not retrievable on devices
The data is deleted on the server
The tool secures several platforms: text, e-mail, Web sites, CRM, Office 365, gmail, etc.
Attachments are also deleted after reading

Send large files by email, up to 10GB

With Secure Exchanges, you can send large files by email up to 10GB without changing your mailbox. Moreover, when transferring files, they are encrypted with our military grade technology, only your recipient will be able to decrypt the email and its large attached files.

Add Secure Exchanges over your existing mailbox. Our integration with Microsoft Outlook makes the use of Secure Exchanges completely transparent for you

No account required for your recipient

Retrieve confidential information by email

You must regularly request confidential information from your clients, partners or colleagues.?

Either for an account opening, password exchange, passport photo, credit card or driving license.

With Secure Exchanges, send a pre-stamped envelope by e-mail to your recipient, who fills it in, and the information will automatically return to you by encrypted e-mail.

Our creative process

We have done everything ourselves, from structure to architecture.

We first developed a platform

With an independent platform, we solved the trace problem on people's devices. Everyone is protected, whether they have the tool or not.

We understand the need for security for e-mails and text messages

People wanted to secure their shipments, but without having to change their current structure. The tools that were on the market required customers to migrate to their homes.

We wanted people to be able to destroy a message before reading

With the current platforms, when you send a message by mistake, you can not do anything. We wanted to change that by allowing destruction before reading.

We thought it would be nice to receive an accused reading

Since messages are self-destructive, it is important to know if the information has been delivered. The function was therefore added.

We wanted the tool to be easy to implement

We understood the need for security in the exchange of documents while making handling simple. That's why we have implemented Secure Exchanges everywhere.

We have deepened security

We had security audits and accessibility audits conducted by teams of hackers. We have also simplified it so that it is easy to use and integrate with the most used communication tools.

We have managed to create a very affordable solution that can save thousands of dollars in IT security to a company.

Secure Exchanges is so safe that even we, we absolutely can not know who sent the message, who received it or what it contains!

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