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Encrypted emails that self-destroy after reading

Unique security technology

By integrating Secure Exchanges with Office 365, Outlook, KeePass and your other favorite tools, you show your customers that you have their privacy and security at heart. No recipient account required

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The email is secure before, during and after sending

There will be no trace of your message in your device, cloud or your customer's device. When you write a message, you actually write it on SE's highly secure platform and a link is sent to your recipient (not the message itself) .

After reading, the message will self-destruct. It is a completely revolutionary technology.

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Recipient error? Destroy your message before reading

You share sensitive information with your customers, partners and colleagues every day. What if you send a confidential document to the wrong person? Outlook does not allow you to destroy it.

With Secure Exchanges, by reading the message, it self-destructs. Read it before your recipient and you avoid a crisis in the company, neither seen nor known.

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We are the only ones to really protect your shipments

You are bombarded with promises on tools supposed to protect you online. But with the other tools, a hacker can get to retrieve messages on your devices. Believe us, we tested them.

With us, they are 100% destroy

This is not all. The other tools secure a single platform or type of shipment while we secure any type of shipment on a multitude of platforms such as CRM, Office 365, Gmail, etc.

The truth is that only Secure Exchanges passes the test. In fact, Secure Exchanges has several security audits to its credit. Significant proof of confidence for your customers.