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Secure shipments with Office 365 and over 200 other platforms

Do you use Outlook, CRM, Gmail, Office 365 or KeePass to communicate on a daily basis? Did you know that your exchanges are not 100% secure? By adding Secure Exchanges to your tools, your writing flies away ... like your words!

Integrate Secure Exchanges with your applications

The beauty of our tool is that its plugin developed by our IT security experts is easy to integrate with the applications you already use every day.

Imagine you are sending a message with Outlook. A box will appear asking you if you want to send it with Secure Exchange. You click yes, the trick is played, your shipment is 100% confidential! Do the same with your Gmail, CRM, KeePass and more than 200 other platforms.

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Interconnect your systems with our API

Managing large volumes of messages to business partners or customers can be challenging. But not with Secure exchanges: we give you access to our API (application program interface). It allows you to connect your different messaging systems with our tool to transmit secure information.

Our API is compatible with most of your systems like your CRM, online forms, your mailbox and more.

Available With all our packages , our API even allows you to secure your contact forms: every time a user sends information to your company, it could be secured.

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Are you not convinced? Try it for free!

With our free version, you write your message directly on our encrypted platform. Once sent and read, it self-destructs automatically!

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