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Operation of Secure Exchanges

Secure Exchanges allows you to show your customers that you have their privacy and security at heart.

No recipient account required

Help videos for Secure Exchanges connectors

Microsoft Outlook


Choose the send option

You have several choices: you can write your message by text, Outlook, KeePass or other tools in which you have installed Secure Exchanges, or on the secure online delivery page of our platform.

You can choose to send it as a text message or e-mail to your recipient. Depending on your package , you may also require a random 6-digit password to open and read your message.

Write your e-mail or text message

Prepare to send your information to your recipient (bank, caisse, insurance, partner or other). You can attach text and documents to your message.

Send your message

Your recipient received your message by text message or email. The message does not appear directly in its inbox, it receives a link. He clicks on the link that brings him to a Secure Exchanges page where he can read his message (with or without a password, of your choice) and you are notified of the reading.

Your message is encrypted in our database. Other such tools protect only your device, but we also secure the transfer of your data (while in the cloud) and even the device of your recipient.

Every trace is destroyed, even that of your connection.

Transmit your confidential information

The recipient receives a message from Secure Exchanges by text message or email. In order to open your message, it may have to enter a random 6-digit password received by text, according to your request.

You are so well protected that we ourselves have no idea who sends and who receives the message.

Leave the email of self-destruct

The message and its attachments are destroyed automatically, without any intervention on your part. No archiving or recording possible. If a hacker then tried to retrieve your information, he would not be able to do it.

If you have sent a text message, e-mail or confidential document by mistake to a customer, employee or partner, you can even destroy it before it reads it. You understand : you control your communication in the recipient's inbox.

In addition, we regularly perform security audits to provide you with a 100% secure tool.

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