Secure Exchanges in Microsoft Outlook

Email security & digital signature

#1 Solution for Outlook and Gmail

  • End to end AES 256 encryption
  • Digital signature with end to end PDF encryption
  • Send up to 25GB in an email
  • Automate business process with SDK

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One of the most reliable secure
data transfer solutions in the world

Integrated directly into Microsoft Outlook or Gmail

Optimal email protection

Want to ensure that your data transfers are perfectly secure in a high-risk situation?

Discover how Secure Exchanges' exclusive advanced technology allows you to ensure the optimal security of your sensitive data transfers and those of your employees.


Bidirectional secure communication

Need to be sure that your sensitive information is protected during transfer as well as in your recipient's inbox?

Discover how Secure Exchanges allows you to control your transmissions’ level of confidentiality as well as your correspondent's response ones’.


Financial benefits

Using service providers from another age to secure your confidential communications? This is both slow and expensive.

Discover how Secure Exchanges can quickly save you time and money on your communication expenses.


White label

Want to stand out and show your customers, employees, partners and other collaborators that you care about their confidential data security?

Discover how Secure Exchanges can enhance your brand by providing users and correspondents an integrated experience in secure transfers.


Sending large encrypted files by email

Wasting too much time trying to send oversized files by email?

Discover how Secure Exchanges allows you to quickly, easily and securely transfer huge attachments.


Automatically delete a sent message

Ever regretted sending an email a second after doing so?

Discover how Secure Exchanges allows you to keep control over your email visibility and lifespan.


Read confirmation

Have your emails been read? Have their attachments been recovered? Can you be 100% sure?

Discover how Secure Exchanges allows you to keep an accurate record of your online communications.


Multiplatform integration - API, SDK

Want to secure your sensitive data transfer content without impacting your existing processes?

Discover how to integrate Secure Exchanges simply and efficiently to your email clients and internal softwares.


How does it work?

We all have occasional or regular needs for secure information transfers.

However, everyone has a different way of managing this type of communication. With Secure Exchanges, you can share your confidential electronic data securely anytime, anywhere!

See Secure Exchanges in action

See how send encrypted email in outlook. It's easy with Secure Exchanges. Whether in Microsoft Outlook or via our platform, our videos will convince you of how simple and efficient it is.


Why Secure exchanges

Because today's online world is a highly vulnerable environment, choose an innovative and secure tool that is unique in the world of computer security.

The outstanding reliability of its security is patented and has been trusted by many investors and companies around the world.


Utilisation Secure Exchanges monde entier
Peace of mind with Secure Exchanges

Take a look at our offer, and discover how to have peace of mind when it comes to your confidential email exchanges.

Your sensitive data is safe with us theirs of their exchanges by encrypted email via our technology!

In addition to peace of mind, you will benefit from reduced communication costs and a boost to your company's reputation.

Whether you want to send or receive emails containing large, confidential attachments or documents to be signed. Exchange passwords, credit cards, financial statements, tax returns, incident reports or any information you deem confidential via email. Our technology is there to serve your organization.

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