The new provisions of the "Law modernizing legislative provisions regarding the protection of personal information in the private sector", also known as Law25, will gradually come into effect by September 2024. This law, which applies to all businesses in Quebec, marks a significant evolution in personal data protection.


In accordance with this legislation, the personal information exchanged must be optimally protected. The most effective method to achieve this is end-to-end encryption. Thus, your communications are secured from the sender to the recipient, without anyone being able to access or spy on them. Therefore, it's crucial for every organization to comply with these new requirements to ensure the protection of the personal data of its customers and partners.

  loi 25 / 25 law

Protect yourself against new legal requirements for personal information!


The law on the protection of personal information has undergone profound changes. Your company must meet these growing obligations. With our Enterprise Security (ES) solution, ensure your practices are compliant and guarantee maximum protection for your clients' data.


September 2022

Notification and recording of privacy incidents:Businesses are now required to notify and record any privacy incidents, implying rigorous organization.


September 2023

Collection and governance of personal information:Companies are required to securely collect personal information, without the intervention of the person concerned, thereby increasing their responsibility.

Retention, destruction, and anonymization of data: The law has established precise guidelines on the retention, destruction, and anonymization of data, necessitating the use of secure solutions for transmission, including by email.

Communication of personal information: When communicating personal data, companies must ensure maximum protection.Sanctions are provided in case of failure to respect the confidentiality of information.


September 2024

Right to data portability: The law has introduced the right to data portability. This right allows individuals to obtain a copy of or transfer their personal information, emphasizing the importance of reliable solutions for data management.

Faced with these major legislative changes, our ES solution offers you solid support to ensure your practices are compliant and personal data are secure. Opt for peace of mind with a trusted partner.


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