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Confidential sending on computer and telephone

To work as in your personal life, you probably use Gmail, Outlook or Hotmail with your friends, colleagues, employees and partners. However, these platforms are far from safe. With Secure Exchanges, it's a whole other story.

Send private text messages and emails

Do you need to have a check specimen or a customer's credit card number? Mail is long and internet is dangerous.

But not with Secure Exchanges: your customers can send their confidential information by email or text message without danger since what you read will self-destructs from any device and system. Did you send a message by mistake? Destroy it before it is read. Additionally, you only need an SE account so that your client is also protected.

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Secure your shipments on a computer, tablet or mobile phone

Insert Secure Exchanges on your phone, PC or Mac or tablet for secure communication anywhere, anytime. You can also connect to our interconnection system (API).

Only one package is enough for you, your employees and your customers to protect all your shipments.

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Exchange official documents safely

And the attachments them, they are secured? Without Secure Exchanges, not at all. Every minute, thousands of people are being cheated on their pay statements, bank details and official documents. Unlike other IT security tools, SE allows you to send up to 1 G * of documents that will self-destruct after reading, without archiving. They are impossible to find, it is guaranteed.

* From Microsoft Outlook, 250 MB files are allowed for a total amount of 1G