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About Us


Secure Exchange is an easy-to-use, encryption-based digital message protection technology that integrates naturally into existing infrastructures and tools such as Outlook, Gmail, Office 365 email clients or KeePass . Applications for mobile platforms allow access to the service at any time with the best possible user experience.

Secure Exchanges can integrate quickly and easily with any technology supporting.net or javascript. Secure Exchanges provides its customers with a SDK (Software Development Kit) that can be integrated in just a few lines of code.

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Our clients

The Secure Exchange solution allows the user to keep his usual environment, productivity and use, if necessary, the option of secure sending, with great simplicity while guaranteeing excellent intrinsic security.


Banking domain

Financial institutions must regularly contact their clients with any relevant updates (account statements, investment statements, etc.), temporary offers and passwords. The ability to transmit this information simply and with the usual communication channels for the recipients represent an advance for this type of customer, while indirectly improving the security of communications by minimizing the risk due to the human factor.


Professionals (accountants/lawyers)

This type of client, whether in individual practice or in small groups, such as lawyers or notaries, often does not have the necessary resources to secure their external communications and their needs may be limited, with ad hoc sending of sensitive documents to a given recipient. Conventional solutions are far too cumbersome and complex, in addition to being unsuitable.

The Secure Exchange solution is perfectly adapted to this type of customer and very easy to use for their recipients, sometimes not very skilled in computer technologies.


Other businesses or services

Any entity has occasional or regular needs for secure information transfer. However, each entity has its own way of managing this type of internal communication, which is not necessarily compatible with the others. Secure Exchanges offers you the opportunity to overcome this compatibility barrier.