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How to install the Gmail extension in Google Chrome

The Secure Exchanges - Gmail for Google Chrome connector allows you to send encrypted email from Gmail. The content of the email as well as the files are encrypted, and even Google (Gmail) will not be able to read them.

Whether the information is in attachments or even in the email, it will be hidden, encrypted and can only be seen by its recipient. So avoid having all your data analyzed by large companies or being hacked. It also allows you to retrieve information from your customers, partners and colleagues very easily. Here is how to install the.


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Send encrypted emails from Gmail

Discover in this short video how to send an email with Secure Exchanges by your Google Gmail email address.

How can I receive confidential information by email?

Find out how your customers, partners or colleagues can send you confidential information by email

Send encrypted emails from Gmail

You have confidential documents (confidentiality agreement, annual report, accounting data) to share. Use the most common means of communication globally, but in safe ways. Your email with Secure Exchanges.